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Friday, Jul 12, 2024

3 Tips to Extend Your Machinery’s Life

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5 Mistakes Car Owners Can’t Afford To Make

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Auto repairs in an auto shop vs. the car dealership

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3 Tips to Extend Your Machinery’s Life

Whether you are running highly sophisticated equipment for a production business or simply using the blender at home, routine maintenance of machinery is crucial. Excavator dry hire sydney are expensive, regardless of purpose and size and in order to save some coin, you need to protect your machinery from everyday wear and tear. For a manufacturing plants, machinery in good condition often makes the difference between meeting or missing deadlines and delivery dates. Additionally, regular maintenance assists in identifying potential safety issues that could otherwise put people’s lives in danger.

By extending your machinery’s life, you would be saving money and optimizing performance for the long term. So, let’s look at some of these helpful maintenance tips.

Use Lubricants Frequently

Excessive heat and friction can result in serious rusting and may even damage your equipment permanently. It is therefore essential to lubricate all nooks and crannies of your machinery in order for it to work smoothly and reduce friction. Schedule lubrication cycles as it is the most important but frequently ignored maintenance checks. You must also routinely check for signs of excess oil or grease layers on pistons that may be reducing performance.

Keep in mind that using the right lubricant is also significant. There are specific kinds of oil and other lubricants for different components, thus it is advised to always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If your machine is making odd sounds while running, similar to that of screeching and running a sharp object over a chalkboard, chances are that it needs a healthy lubrication. 

Inspect for signs of wear

Regardless of how responsibly you keep your equipment, it may still be subjected to wear and tear especially if it is exposed to shock, friction, rough use and high temperatures. Machines that are used on a daily basis for a continuous period of time may lose gears, screws and cogs. They may even end up with broken belts and overheated systems. This is especially true for poor operation technique and lack of lubrication, accelerating further wear of equipment.

In order to tackle this issue, routine checks and test runs are advised. Any loose bolts or hinges will become apparent and save costs, as well as improve performance tenfold. Any leakage, cracks or rips that might expose you to electricity can be discovered during daily inspection cycles and can be addressed promptly by repairing or replacing the affected part.

Maintain a Clean Environment

Any seals, filters or oil tanks connected to the machines should be cleaned and free of any contamination. Regular inspection ensures good condition and also provides a healthier environment for you and other machine operators. Water filters and boilers used at homes should be routinely checked for any contamination and bacteria. Machines used for relatively messy operation should be sterilized, such as cutters and drills used in food factories. This is also an important point for equipment used for medical purposes. Cutters that are regularly washed and maintained offer best results and slow down any results of wear and tear.  

Large machinery should be stored in a separate building or shed to avoid exposure to rain and wind which results in serious rust and rot. Doing so will increase performance and durability significantly.


Keeping your machinery well protected and maintained will save you a fortune and will increase work performance drastically. Regular inspections, planning financially for repairs and following manufacturer’s advice about warranty will assist you in preserving expensive equipment. Our list provides you with the best tips to maintain your heavy machinery and extend its life, saving you money and stress.  

5 Mistakes Car Owners Can’t Afford To Make

Keeping a car is no walk in the park. They are complex machines that cost a lot to be maintained. If a modern car is maintained well, it could last for ages without needing any major investment. However, putting off any maintenance need could result in a disaster that could have been avoided in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that could end up costing a fortune for the car owners.

Changing tires without proper alignment

Proper tire alignment ensures that the tires are properly positioned on the road. When they are not aligned properly, the tires are prone to premature wear out and can cause accidents. If you are getting any work done related to tires, make sure to have the alignment checked to get the most life out of them and stay safe on the road.

Buying cheap components

A car needs a lot of components to run properly. If you run into an issue with any component, don’t try to cut corners and save some money. Get the best possible component to ensure a smooth ride. While a cheaper alternative may seem like a good idea at the moment, to get the car back on the road, try and get it replaced with one of better quality to avoid any problem in the longer run.

Putting off an oil change

While the technology has improved tremendously over the past couple of decades, it is imperative that you change the oil in your car, as recommended by the manufacturer. Motor oil breaks down over time as it circulates through your engine every day. After a certain number of circulations, the oil fails to provide adequate lubrication keeping the car from operating at maximum efficiency. Putting off oil change can greatly affect the linked systems. Changing oil doesn’t take much time, so don’t put it off for long.

Installing oversized wheels

While some wheels are designed for specific vehicles, wheels that are not the right size can harm the suspension of your car and impede the comfort of your ride. Furthermore, you can also damage the wheel wells along with the fenders. Even if the wheel fits, do your car and mobile mechanic wollongong a favor and avoid getting oversized wheels installed.

Getting cheap bodyworks

If you get any damage to the body of your car, you might be approached by self-proclaimed professionals or friends who would offer to take care of it for you. Don’t fall for any of that, as it could damage your car even further. Once the original work has been damaged by an amateur, the cost of repairing everything could be tripled. So, make sure to stick to your professional mechanic or workshop and avoid any such hassle.

Auto repairs in an auto shop vs. the car dealership

We always believe that customers are always right. There are times when they are aware that they are no longer in the right position to tell you what to do or how to do it,  but real professionals don’t lose their temper or composure especially in handling irate and dissatisfied customers. They are the ones who should make adjustments in order not to cause future misunderstandings and trouble.

Automobile shop owners should also be aware that clients or customers have the freedom of choice especially in selecting the kind of services that they want to avail since they will be paying you in return for what has been rendered regardless of the time or duration.

Detailed and reliable comparisons

  1. Car dealers: Employs factory-trained technicians who are responsible for repairing or fixing an average of a hundred cars a month in their service bays.

Auto repairs: Automotive work is done in a smaller garage, and a mechanic can do your request immediately since they’re assigned only to a single or a couple of cars.

   2. Car dealers: Customers are required to meet with service consultants or advisors and more often, the meeting is not realized.

           Auto Repairs:   Customers can directly approach the mechanic and talk about the details of the repair.

       3.  Car dealers:  Dealers do not repair cars if they aren’t the brand they’re selling or specializing.

         Auto Repairs:  Smaller auto repair shops accept any kind or types of car brands, regardless whether they’re new or used.

      4.   Car dealers: The car you bought from a dealer has both limited or lifetime service warranty.

                Auto Repairs:  Smaller auto shops would prefer third-party warranties in a car.

        5.   Car dealers: They prioritize customers according to an exclusive membership by giving a special kind of treatment and sometimes include a VIP package to high-end car buyers.

                Auto Repairs: The kind of service is on a first come, first served basis and regardless of your car’s brand or appearance, customers receive the same personalized service.

       6. Car dealers: Customer satisfaction is for influential and privileged individuals.

                Auto Repairs: Every small auto shop customer will always have the satisfaction of a more up-close and personalized service 

           7. Car dealers: Expect that payment for services is a lot higher compared to other related services outside of the company. The prize covers extra charges for the cost of goods and labor.

                 Auto Repairs: Customers can bring in spare parts that are personally bought from a local store and pay only for the labor. No extra or hidden charges are applicable except for additional work done outside of the original work detail. Most of their services are very affordable.

            8. Car dealers:  It can be well noticed that there might be some courtesy on the part of the employees, but they’re exclusively for people whom they feel are important for them.

                Auto Repairs:  Respect and courtesy are for every customer who comes in and out of small auto repair shops. There is no room for exclusivity nor for giving special treatment for a single customer because everyone is important and special.